AHS Coven: “Go to Hell”

This was a sweeping of an out with the old in with the new variety [with characters meeting] comeuppances, by imploring what the episode promises: they go to Hell.

Supernatural: Road Trip

What bothers both of us the most is this really weird move in making the boys some kind of modern Brokeback Mountain. The allusion to a different type of relationship in the earlier episodes was funny, but at this point the dialogue has gone completely soft that it has reached the point where I am not comfortable watching Sam and Dean in these scenes together; it’s just awkward.

AHS Coven: “Protect the Coven”

Women’s weakness and vanity seem to be this season’s central themes And while as a woman I understand it, it still angers me. To borrow a line…why isn’t there more solidarity among women? And how do you protect the very thing that has an internal war going on?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Magical Place

“The Magical Place” tried to do too much in forty-two minutes: rescue Coulson, wrap-up the mystery of his resurrection, reintroduce super-soldier Mike and further the mystique of The Clairvoyant. I would have been happy if the episode had managed to do one of those things adequately. Instead, it tried to accomplish them all poorly.

AHS Coven “Head”

Head’s didn’t roll this week; they were gouged, suffocated, and had their brains blown out. One also experienced empathy in place of racial intolerance.