Game of Thrones: The Children

Not killing him must mean that The Hound was no longer on Arya’s Death List. She’d never say that though. Especially not to him. Letting The Hound bleed out is probably the closest Arya will ever get to hugging someone again.

Game of Thrones: The Mountain and The Viper

Cersei Lannister needs to watch her back. Sansa is shaping up to have a warg for a brother, a Faceless Assassin for a sister, Petyr Baelish as an ally, and the power of The Vale behind her. Sansa Stark may wind up being the baddest b!tch in all of Westeros. SANSA GOT SWAGGER!

Orphan Black Season 2: Eps 2-4

The show does like ending episodes with me wanting to scream at the screen. Geez. While they are great at toeing the right level of tension, the scene in the bathroom just kind of fills you with terror.

Game of Thrones: Mockingbird

Sansa dont’ front. It’s been a long road and it took a sniveling child, but Sansa is finally standing up for herself. Good on her for smacking Robin after he had a tantrum and destroyed her little snow Winterfell. That kid is an obnoxious cretin.

Arrow: Unthinkable

Not to be outdone by any stunt team in the history of television, this show’s team outdid themselves in every fight scene created. Case in point: the Arrow version of West Side Story. Seeing the line of Team Arrow and Friends advancing on Slade’s army brought metaphorical tears to my eyes and I half expected them to break out in song. Which song was the real question as Staying Alive was the tune in my head at the time. I know, I have a problem with disco. Go ahead, I dare you to rewatch that scene and not hum the tune.