True Blood: I Found You

Sheriff Andy couldn’t figure out to see where the dead girl came from to try to make a connection? Law enforcement is relying on Sookie’s knowledge of stuff she saw on Law & Order? Bon Temps never had a chance.

Falling Skies: Ghost in The Machine

Middle Mason wakes up in some cliched Chinatown where Lexi has miraculously transformed from a little brown girl with black hair to a tall white woman with blonde hair. Was the whitewashing part of the aliens’ plans? I bet it was. They probably watched us for a long time.

Game of Thrones: The Children

Not killing him must mean that The Hound was no longer on Arya’s Death List. She’d never say that though. Especially not to him. Letting The Hound bleed out is probably the closest Arya will ever get to hugging someone again.

Game of Thrones: The Mountain and The Viper

Cersei Lannister needs to watch her back. Sansa is shaping up to have a warg for a brother, a Faceless Assassin for a sister, Petyr Baelish as an ally, and the power of The Vale behind her. Sansa Stark may wind up being the baddest b!tch in all of Westeros. SANSA GOT SWAGGER!