Falling Skies: Molon Labe

I can’t tell if I was disengaged because the episode was lacking or because I’d finally broken down and watched the first hour of HBO’s Girls and was dealing with some thoughts like “This must be how mom felt watching Reality Bites” and “I look like a South Florida divorcee.”

True Blood: Hopeless

Please oh please oh pleeeaaase have Sheriff Andy create a supernatural crimes task force in Renard Parish. The team could be a vampire, a werewolf, and a fairy. And there could be zany misunderstandings because of their awkward interpersonal dynamics.

Falling Skies: Homecoming

One of the things I’ve consistently liked about Falling Skies is that the women all seem to be reasonable and have common sense. There haven’t been any hysterical meltdowns from Dr. Glass, Lourdes, or Maggie.

True Blood: Let’s Boot and Rally

Bill and Eric are morons. Eric’s been walking the Earth for 1000 years. Certainly, he’s learned by now that it’s far better to jump in and kill the target instead of standing there, telling the target what you’re going to do? Right? No? OK, then.

Falling Skies: Love and Other Acts of Courage

The whole discussion about Hal’s ex-girlfriend’s jazz pants in the abandoned Honda Civic got me thinking of my old winter guard costumes. Contrary to popular belief, I could actually dance when given direction. I could also toss a flag and catch it one handed while doing a leap without braining myself or anyone nearby.

True Blood: We’ll Meet Again

Season five has been good. Like season one good. I haven’t been the least bit annoyed with these past three episodes (although I have laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of some things) and am actually watching because I want to know what happens next, rather than out of a sense of duty.