The Vampire Diaries: Do Not Go Gentle

Have these people not watched their own show to know that their best laid plans suck ass and always end up in the toilet? Someone should keep a diary or something so they can go back and learn from their mistakes. Oh wait, they probably use it to talk about their feelings and who kissed them that week. That’s important in a town with a body count higher than the eastern hemisphere.

Game of Thrones: Garden of Bones

Is there anyone else out there who gets such a stupid kick looking at these fantasyland maps? The show’s introduction of world-panning views gives me an uber-geek thrill.

Supernatural: Of Grave Importance

This was frustrating. Annie seemed like a cool character, but with how little we know her it’s hard to be honestly upset that she’s gone. My frustration here is probably misplaced, and more Jo-Ellen-Lisa related than anything else.

Game of Thrones: Lady Business

I’m having a lot more respect for Sansa these days. In the midst of powerhouses like Daenerys and Cersei, it’s been easy to brush Sansa aside and declare her the antithesis of everything I want to see in a girl on TV.

Supernatural: The Born Again Identity

Damsels in distress, long lost friends popping up out of nowhere, Winchesters refusing to allow each other to die, an ally seemingly lost forever. More crying, and this just might have been the most Supernatural episode of Supernatural ever created.