True Blood: We’ll Meet Again

Season five has been good. Like season one good. I haven’t been the least bit annoyed with these past three episodes (although I have laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of some things) and am actually watching because I want to know what happens next, rather than out of a sense of duty.

Falling Skies: Compass

After last week’s badass season premiere, “Compass” was a little disappointing. However, I think it was mainly suffering from set-up-itis in an effort to solve some dramatic problems for Show.

True Blood: Whatever I Am, You Made Me

Way to take your time with revealing half-naked Christopher Meloni, Show. Salome and every other woman on True Blood have all been able to get naked in 5 seconds or less, but with Meloni, you go with the slow burn.

Game of Thrones: Stupid Sansa Stark

Daenerys made another leap forward in becoming a force to be reckoned with after spending most of the season spinning her wheels. Also, if babies breathed fire, I might be a little more open to having one.

Game of Thrones: Peter Dinklage has an Axe

If Tyrion and Varys can’t run Westeros, then they should have a road trip spin off show with Bronn. It could be like Restaurant: Impossible, only with struggling kingdoms. Or a travel show in which they sample the inns, eateries, and brothels of Westeros.