The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger

Once I realized that zombie was shearing his own face off, I lost it. That was one of the most horrifying things I’ve seen on television in recent memory. Also, don’t forget T-Dog, y’all.

Once Upon a Time: What Happened to Frederick

Mary Margaret got a taste of the sexist rage toward adulterous women in this ep. David is the one who cheated and broke marriage vows, yet she’s the one getting accosted at work, getting snubbed by Old Granny from the diner, and getting her car tagged.

Supernatural: Repo Man

Poor Sam. Surrounded by hellfire, only inches away from his brother on a hotel bed, and his Hand Jobs are no longer effective. What’s a guy to do?

Being Human: Addicted to Love

Sally continues to recklessly body snatch a woman who is in a loving and committed relationship with a marginally attractive man. Are we supposed to feel okay that Sally’s essentially raping her by forcing her body to have sex with Marginally Attractive Boyfriend? Ick.

The Walking Dead: Nebraska

You just shot a barn load of zombies. You’re drowning your sorrows in liquor. Seems like things can’t get any worse. Then, two Philadelphians walk into your apocalypse bar.

Once Upon a Time: Skin Deep

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, Show gave us all the requisite VD stuff: disappointed women, clueless men, girls’ night out, roses. Show, though, manages to be subversive about it, questioning the expectations of love and EGADS!!!! putting forth the idea that maintaining love takes work.

The Vampire Diaries: Dangerous Liaisons

Mystic Falls is having yet another ball because the only way to get all these people together is to dress them up all pretty like. I admit they are pretty, but give it a break. The tuxes, and dresses, and jewels, OH MY!