Supernatural: Trial and Error

Our show began this week rather like something from National Geographic or Animal Planet, as we were given a brief glimpse into the curious behaviors of Domestic Dean, a heretofore unknown creature of some guile and amusement whom it appears is quite adept at interior design and the culinary arts.

Once Upon A Time: Tiny

There’s something inherently funny about Rumpy vs. The TSA. Rumpy, the guy who is the root cause of all that has been amiss with Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land, the guy who everyone is afraid of…. still has to take off his shoes at the airport.

Arrow: Betrayal

You know what, my back side hurts so bad I have to use one of those donut things. Wanna know why? Because Arrow was so awesome last week it kicked my butt. That’s right, I am not joking (well, I am about the donut).

Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler

It’s nice to know that some things never change…and that some things do, like television writers. Otherwise this week’s episode would have been another bust, but thankfully, we had our good ole show back.

Being Human: I’m So Lonesome I Could Die

This is one of those moments where you realize that our popular culture has finally gone over the cliff on the sex vs. violence debate. We can have heroes who kill, but people who have sex and like it? They are Satan and must be destroyed, the better to make the non-sexy couples look like saints.

Continuum: Matter of Time

I wonder if “Matter of Time” was the episode where the writing team had to defer to some executive’s husband’s nephew, who was only let in the door so the executive could get her husband to shut the hell up for five minutes. I’ll call this nephew “Carl”.