Supernatural: Remember the Titans

erhaps expectations shouldn’t be too high. This episode was written by Daniel Loflin who also wrote “My Heart Will Go On,” an unfortunate experience for some of our favorite characters and us. With disappointments like this it is easy to see why many fans have drifted from consistent viewership to occasional watching.

Arrow: Dead to Rights

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of heavy breathing…and I don’t mean the kind you hear on prank phone calls. No sir, that sound is me trying to catch my breath after an explosive episode of Arrow. Talk about crazy, I’m like Kristen Stewart…unable to close my mouth!

Being Human: One is Silver and the Other Pagan

I guess Sally isn’t going to get a good return on that exchange of her soul for the rest of her natural life with the Soup Wiccan. Unless, of course, her natural life is going to be spent rotting, thus fulfilling the assumptions of zombie-ism made by everyone who has learned the truth of Sally’s condition.

Being Human: What’s Blood Got To Do With It?

There ought to be a corollary to Occam’s Razor such that not only is the simplest answer the truth but that the truth is, inevitably, an easier thing to put out there than to keep creating lies for somebody. I wish I could say that Sally learns this at the cost of her immortal soul, but, come on, this is Sally.

Arrow: Dodger

I knew that adding Felicity to the regular line-up was going to be a good time and it was. Her character added some lightness to the heaviness of Diggle and Oliver’s relationship as she tends to poke fun at both of them at times. I hope the writers avoid is the use of her as a tool, either in the story-telling manner or as an object for Oliver’s mission.

Supernatural: Man’s Best Friend with Benefits

What happens when you cross a girl with a Doberman, or a girl with a Doberman and a witch? Well, that was definitely the question on Dean’s mind this week as the boys encountered an unexpected circumstance when they responded to a summons from James, a police officer who worked a case with them once.