AHS Asylum: I Am Anne Frank – Part 1

I remember how much Anne Frank’s diary spoke to me in school, how I identified with her as a girl, how I ached for her and her family. That she was also played by Franka Potente, who will always be Lola to me, was just icing on the cake.

Revolution: The Children’s Crusade

A true benefit of this week’s episode is that we were finally given a peek behind the curtain and got a better idea of who exactly is pulling the strings. The introduction of the slimy Department of Defense official is a nice wrinkle.

Once Upon A Time: Tallahassee

There’s a sweetness to Garcia’s face that can’t be acted out. His Super Evil Giant Furious Stompy Growl just reminded me of the Wee Cousins at play. I was all like “BOOP!”

Arrow: An Innocent Man

Diggs is faced with this startling realization. How will he respond? Will he embrace Oliver in a man-hug and give us a substitute father-son moment? Will he react with indifference? Will he shoot flames from his eyeballs?

AHS Asylum: Nor’easter

On the heels of Hurricane Sandy it was interesting to watch this episode, as it centered around an impending storm and the onset of cabin fever, propelled by the infiltration of Satan, embodying the once innocent Sister Mary Eunice.

Revolution: Sex and Drugs

I don’t think Charlie needs a protector, but I do feel she needs a champion, someone who will back her no matter what. Based on tonight’s episode, it’s not going to be Aaron and there’s a good chance it won’t be Miles either, but I’d still like the kid to have one.

Once Upon A Time: The Doctor

Dr. Frankenstein? SERIOUSLY? Yes, this is all fairytales and fantasy and magic, requiring willing suspension of disbelief. But a universe needs rules or it all falls apart.

The Walking Dead: Walk With Me

Early on in this episode, my Walking Dead viewing merged with the memory of my Once Upon A Time viewing and, for a moment, as the helicopter made it’s first pass, I thought, “What fairytale has a helicopter in it?”