Continuum: Wasting Time

I just realized that the terrorist group’s name is Liber8, which is silly. It sounds like the name of a suburban youth ministry. The type that has a smoke machine, a cool pastor, and white kids rapping about Jesus.

Supernatural: LARP and The Real Girl

As a renaissance faire fan, I have to say that this week’s Supernatural was just some good, old-fashioned fun. What is not to like about Dean in chain mail, I mean really…talk about fantasy material. When Younger Sister saw him I thought she was going to rocket off the couch into the sky.

Arrow: Trust but Verify

Whenever I review this show, I always feel like Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride from the scene where Wesley wakes up after the pill Miracle Max has given him, and Inigo says, “Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much, let me sum up.”

Being Human: (Dead) Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun

Reunions are bittersweet affairs, as Aidan, Sally and newcomer, Liam, discover this week. You get to see the people you love most in the world only to have your heart broken by how much they’ve changed from the people you knew. Or, in Liam’s case, how much more corpsified they’ve become since you saw them last.

AHS Asylum: Madness Ends

Well dammit if Ryan Murphy was right: I did cry during this episode. Several times, in fact. He managed to take a show that deals with horrors both real and otherworldly, lives that shatter and try and piece back together, blood, gore, and then some, and made me truly care, by the end of this anthology.

Continuum: Fast Times

Continuum really upped the badness factor on the terrorists this week. They’re just killing security guards all over the place! They’re kidnapping an old scientist guy and slapping him around! They’re not really freedom fighters! They’re monsters!!!!

Supernatural: Torn and Frayed

Family…don’t you just love how they interfere with your life, manipulate you, and impose their belief systems on you? What kind of family does those things, you ask? Well, a dysfunctional family for one, like one involving Sam and Dean.

Once Upon A Time: In The Name of The Brother

Am I the only one who groaned at the sound of the Star Wars ringtone? It struck me as Disney gloating: “Ha. Star Wars is our bitch, now. You thought Lucas drove it into the ground? He did. And there was a bottomless pit under that ground. That’s where we’re going.”

Arrow: Burned

The midseason finale of Arrow certainly left us with much to contemplate. Mostly the questions of why on earth Walter would get in an elevator with a complete stranger after the mess he has become tangled in (doesn’t he watch movies?) and how did Oliver get his butt kicked by Tommy’s old man?