Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood

That felt like Doctor Who fanfic written by a middle school boy who’s only exposure to Robin Hood is the seminal film Robin Hood: Men in Tights. And who probably has a close female friend who is always telling the boy how silly he is and suddenly makes him feel like he wants to wear cologne.

True Blood: Thank You

So, as far as True Blood goes, that was a satisfying ending for Sookie’s character. After all this time, Sookie finally gained a sense of self. And once she asserted herself, Bill no longer had any control over her. Sookie walked out of that graveyard her own person.

Doctor Who: Deep Breath

In the end, the message was that if we truly love The Doctor, we’ll always be there for him no matter what face he’s wearing. And while I can’t completely get behind that statement – I am, after all, a champion 10th Doctor Hater – I understand the sentiment.

True Blood: Love is to Die

At least we can leave the True Blood-verse secure in the knowledge that Jessica and Hoyt are back together and Ginger -AT LONG LAST – finally got to bang Eric.

The Strain: It’s Not for Everyone

I haven’t written about The Strain on FX because I have no faith in television anymore. The pilot was amazing and horrifying and looked exactly like it did in my head while reading the novel. But, this is basic cable and this is a particular genre. It’s really easy for a show to start strong and piss it away. Just look at Syfy’s stable of programs.

True Blood: Lost Cause

Sam’s girlfriend served as a timepiece this episode, reminding us that only three days have passed since the HepV attack. She also served as moral judge, deciding that having a party was a screwed up response to the recent events. However, these people have been through a serial killer, a homicidal maenad, witches, Russell Edgington, these HepV vampires, and a Republican governor. The people in Sookie’s house were the ones to live through it all. So, yeah. Let’s party.

Falling Skies: Exodus

Anne Glass: Action Pediatrician and her team are transitioning from wandering to following the one lead the have: Lexi is somewhere in the West. Never mind that “The West” is the vaguest possible location. How far to the west? How many days march? Exactly which Chinatown in the west? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

True Blood: Fire in The Hole

After not having much of a social message for years, True Blood, in its last throes, has decided it once again wants to be the show that says things about America. Trouble is, it can’t focus on a train of thought. Maybe because, right now, there’s too much to say about too many screwed up things. I’ve narrowed it down to four Big! Messages!