Arrow: Darkness on the Edge of Town

You know what, this week’s Arrow was so exciting I nearly puked. No kidding. That is how I respond to tension. But that’s okay because it made for great tv…not the puking, the tension and suspense.

Supernatural: Clip Show

I must say, the last couple of episodes of the show have kinda felt like old times, you know, the good ole demon-blood-drinking days of the apocalypse. I am not sure why, perhaps it’s Sam being the center of strange activity, or once again, the many trips to Indiana.

Revolution: The Love Boat

The last scene of this week’s episode was pure Abrams—and that’s not a compliment. The camera flickers out, the man in the elevator screams and then we cut to the back of the elevator door bathed in his blood and guts. Ripped apart by an unseen force … hmm, I wonder if it’s a polar bear?

Game of Thrones: The Climb

It took me all this time to realize that, when looking at Nana T, I’m also looking at Emma Peel. Knowing Diana Riggs is playing Nana T brings an all new dimension of fun to her dealings with Tywin Lannister this week (as if her oh so politely telling him to fcuk off wasn’t fun enough).

Arrow: The Undertaking

We were shown a lot of backstory this week as Malcolm and others in the group planned “the undertaking” and we witnessed the launch of the Queen’s Gambit on its fatal voyage. The worst part about these flashbacks: Oliver’s hair. College-age Oliver was truly creepy, like some Ted Bundy-like serial killer.

Revolution: Home

It’s hard for me to accept that Bass at his core is simply evil and maybe that’s more indicative of my failings than the writers’. Let me know in the comments if I’m alone in this, would you?

Game of Thrones: Kissed By Fire

Every other lady on Game of Thrones has resolve, direction, and, in many different ways, power. Sansa just gets used because she’s so much like Ned. Only without the benefit of being a dude.

Arrow: Home Invasion

This episode would have been better titled something like “Broken Promises” or “Leaving is the Hardest Part” because it was chock full of goodbyes.