Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Hub

By pairing Fitz with Ward we as the audience got an Odd Couple episode combined with a Cold War mission behind Russian enemy lines. I love the fact that even now, so many decades removed from the Cold War, Russia is still our go-to villain. It’s just awesome.

Once Upon A Time: Dark Hollow

I didn’t realize how much I Show needed Storybrooke until we went back there for this episode. Even though we’re dealing with fairytales, Show needs something to anchor it to the real world. Otherwise it’s just a lousy fantasy show rather than something clever that subverts our notions of fairytales, family, and love.

Arrow: League of Assassins

Three completely sweet, action-packed scenes paraded through the show like Victoria’s Secret models strutting down the runway: confident, daring, and demanding your undivided attention. From spectacular swings to dramatic escapes, each outperformed the previous until the culminating scene in the clock tower left us wanting more.

Supernatural: Dog Dean Afternoon

“Dog Dean Afternoon” epitomized what I love best about this show, besides hot guys. I am a comedy lover at heart, I guess because my psyche tends towards the serious. As such I feel the need for lighter moments in my entertainment, so, stories such as we had this week appeal to me. That, combined with our boys on the road, in the car, and hanging in a motel room, is what it’s all about.

Orphan Black Season 1 Recap – Eps 7 & 8

Helena is a problem that needs to be dealt with. Also, Beth somehow found all these guys, so she was at least starting to compile a list. It makes me wonder if Team Police will be able to start compiling a list of these as well? And how long until they learn the truth about Beth and Sarah, and the deeper web that exists?

Arrow: Crucible

I always think things can’t get any better and then they do. Then I also think, “I am going to avoid the giant bowl of popcorn this time.” And then I don’t and last time, I even ate two bowls. I may eat my fingers this week as Stephen is really pumping up the hype about this week’s episode, and seriously, with a title like “League of Assassins” how can you go wrong?