AHS Coven “Boy Parts”

The power of life/resurrection/resurgence is the central theme this week, with Madison trying to make up for her telekinetic faux pas by bringing Kyle back to life, learning that Madame LaLaurie’s curse was not death, but eternal life, Cordelia trying to make a baby with old fashioned way, without magic and, yes, as I’d hoped, Misty Day’s burning at the stake was just another day for Lily Rabe (yay!)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Eye Spy

The fact that this ep was written by producer, Jeffrey Bell, the man who ushered Angel through five seasons on the now-defunct WB and wrote that show’s finale, seems to have been a shot in the arm for this big show still trying to find its path.

AHS Coven “Bitchcraft”

I can’t explain my excitement at all things witchy right now… I’m just a giddy little Wiccan. I also won’t lie that I love the idea of this season being so heavily concentrated on women; very very powerful women.

Once Upon A Time: Quite A Common Fairy

I’m really upset that Mulan and Sleeping Beauty are breaking up. I know they were both in love with Prince Whosit, but they’re so much better as a Thelma & Louise type of duo. And now that’s over because you can’t drive your car over a cliff with a baby on board.

Supernatural: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

There’s something about the sound of a V8 hotrod with dual exhaust, cruising through the screen with the sound of classic rock ‘n roll playing in the background as scenes of Sam and Dean Winchester and their associates play…that makes me want to eat pie, or at least a highly sweetened food product. Krispy Kremes will do.

Arrow: City of Heroes

I can’t remember ever having this much fun watching a TV show. I ate a whole bowl of popcorn in 20 minutes (that’s a very large bowl). Also, Stephen Amell should post on his Facebook page a list of acceptable activities viewers can engage in to lower adrenaline levels after viewing (my kids just do not seem interested in simulating the fight scenes and it could be dangerous).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Asset

I still believe the show has potential and I’m willing to stick around and see what happens. But I really hope the writers, producers and the all-mighty network take a moment to consider how important speed is to the life of the show. A series is a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s certainly not a weekly wind sprint we have to get through

Witches of East End: Premiere

It’s Lifetime, so naturally there’s a love triangle established in the first five minutes. In those same five minutes, a mother-daughter-sister dynamic is also established, along with class tension, unrequited love, and a supernatural threat. And one of the main characters makes out with her fiancee’s brother in the bathroom at her engagement party. That was a busy five minutes.