An Open Letter to the Creators of Scorpion: A Show I Like In Spite of Itself

Considering that McPhee’s Paige is one of only two female characters on the show, the inability of the writers and producers to incorporate her more fully is disturbing. Paige’s stated purpose is to be their connection to the outside world, yet in any “normal” situation she proves just as inept as they do. She and Walter attend a fancy party and she is as uncomfortable as he is; she accompanies them to a crime scene and says nothing when they basically insult the officer in charge.

Once Upon A Time: The Apprentice

Let’s see if I really need to watch every episode to keep up, shall we? I’m sure last week Elsa said “I’ll do anything to get my sister back!” and Emma scrunched up her face in disbelief at something and Henry wondered if he’d gotten any college acceptance letters, yet.

The Walking Dead: Strangers

Every time I see a new black character on The Walking Dead, I immediately start speculating on which current black character is going to die.

Arrow: Sara

The heaviness associated with last week’s episode certainly stayed with us as we witnessed the aftershocks of Sara’s demise. For an episode titled after her, we certainly see very little of her, or do we? Her ghost was everywhere, affecting everyone and drifting throughout the show like mist rising from a stream, softening silhouettes and creating shadows in the relationships of the other characters.

Arrow: The Calm

In a world full of mediocrity and inconsistency, it’s nice to know there are some things a person can count on. My DVR apparently isn’t one of them. I anticipated this season’s premier with great delight. Unfortunately, I had errands to run on Wednesday evening but never fear, the trusty DVR was here! Right? When I came home and realized my ancient recording mechanism had failed to engage, contrary to its programmed instructions, I couldn’t keep myself from saying, “DVR, you have failed this Arrow fan!” So, for what was a tortuous 24 hours while I waited for CW to post the episode, I paced. And stress-ate.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Making Friends and Influencing People

Only three episodes in, season two of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has offered more intrigue, character development and suspense than all 22 episodes of season one. I hope that it continues on the same trajectory, although I will be very glad when Simmons and Fitz are reunited and someone either puts a bullet in Ward or they drop him into a deep dark hole. But then, what would be the fun in that?

Once Upon A Time: White Out

Little Bo Peep, The Payday Loan Extortionist, is my new favorite fairy tale bad guy. I want her to rise up against Storybrooke’s unstable government and questionable democratic system and institute a reign of terror during which she references The Silence of The Lambs!

Webseries: The Booth At the End

As a kid we would blow out our candles and make a wish. We would wish upon a star. We would make a wish when a stray eyelash made its way down our face. But don’t tell because it won’t come true, remember, that’s the rule.
But what if we did tell? What if we took it a step further and asked for it. And what if that wish came at a price? If we want something badly enough, are we willing to pay for it? Moreover, what are we willing to DO for it?