Kill Shakespeare

I went to a reading of Kill Shakespeare on Saturday night, and had a great time. It was a live reading of the graphic novel of the same name and was greatly amused. Full of sound effects and a great cast of actors, I was glad I was able to squeeze it into a packed weekend.

Books: Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage

Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage is a fun, fun book that’s perfect for the curious little tinkerer in your life. I’m considering giving it to my 8 year old cousin. He’s already on the Mad Scientist Super-villain career track and could use some good science role models.

Almost Girl – Almost There (Book Review)

My problem with Almost Girl is that the story had a strong premise that seems to fall to tropes and standard operating procedure… There are no such things as plot twists and the first time a character is mentioned you figure they are secretly alive, and likely a rebellion is brewing. Every secondary character is more important than they seem.

Can’t Fix What’s Broken – “In a Fix” Book Review

We are nearing page 100 and every guy is treating our lead Ciel like she doesn’t have any brain cells to rub together. Her cousin, her brother, her long term crush…. Seriously the patronizing attitudes of everyone are annoying me. You have not shown me anything to indicate she’s bad at her job….. Why wouldn’t the most likely reason to hire Ciel be because you think your life is in danger and she is better equipped to handle it?

I Can Transform You (Book Review)

This novella opens and closes a door to a universe I want to spend more time in. The characters are interesting and not the same old tropes…. They work together using their different approaches, leads, and connections as a tool to help one another….After all, together they have a better chance of success.

Advice for the Sci-Fi Lovelorn

[The Alternate Reality News Service’s Guide to Love, Sex and Robots] is not so much as a guide as it is a collection of letters sent asking for advice and the responses they received. It’s more like reading the archives of a dating site than a guide book showing you how to navigate the alt reality world.

Verily, A New Hope

I found it a fun quick read that gave me a way to take in A New Hope that was fun for me for reasons that had nothing to do with Star Wars, and everything to do with putting it in a new format.