The Passion of The Exclusionary Geek

One night, we went to karaoke and met a woman with a Serenity tattoo and a Captain America t-shirt. I was also wearing a Captain America shirt, so naturally, we chest bumped (as you do when you meet another geek in the wild) and merged our groups for the rest of the night. At the end, we were invited to a charity costume ball being run by one of her friends. It was way the hell out in the suburbs, but hey! Geeks! Costumes! Tasty adult beverages! Of course we’d go! How could we not? These are our people! Right?

On Robin Williams

The HuffPo front page just had a black and white photo of Robin Williams with the headline Nanu Nanu. And I thought, “Oh, no. Oh, god. Please don’t let this be true.”

2013 Can Suck A Butt

Not the worst year ever, but 2013 can suck it on it’s way out the door. Now, let’s move on to what I’m looking forward to in 2014.

Christmas Spirit in My Cold, Dead Heart

I can’t say that I’ve been Scrooge-y this Christmas because I don’t have any workers to exploit. However, the Christmas spirit has been lost on me for some years now and it never occurred to me that it was tied up in reminiscing.