Character Study: Katara (The Last Airbender)

I’m back again with another look at a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This time round I’d like to take a look at Katara, Sokka’s sister. She is the last Waterbender in the southern Water Tribe in the beginning of the series and she is quite a character in her own right.

We’ll Be Back Soon!

Life is disorienting without the internets. I’ve gotten so used to having any information I want at my fingertips that I’ve nearly forgotten how to do things like get directions or find businesses. How am I supposed to find a hardware store to get keys made? How am I supposed to find a laundromat?

Commune with Pink Raygun

As PinkRaygun is expanding, we are finding new ways to connect with our readers. Check out a few new (and some older but still shiny) Pink Raygun features: Inbox Delivery – Have PinkRaygun updates sent directly to your email. Subscription – Stay updated through the news reader of your choice. Twitter – Follow our updates, […]

Pink Raygun on Sci Fi Scanner!

Pink Raygun is featured as site of the week on Sci Fi Scanner at Carolyn Koo did a nice write up about the site, but here is the full Q&A for your enjoyment and/ or snarky remarks!

Pretty Pink Scary Rayguns

You may have noticed by the new Pink Raygun/Pretty-Scary banner at the top of each post and are wondering what the heck is going on here. Well, it’s official; and have joined forces, and we are in the beginning stages of what we hope will be a growing network of genre-related sites with […]

Fall TV Writing Positions at Pink Raygun

The Fall TV season is looming and we need writers to provide commentary and reviews for the genre shows being lobbed at Geeks everywhere by network execs. This is not a recap – this requires considerable snark for insightful and witty commentary which may, or may not, include the word “poop”. So, what’s on the […]