Crimson Peak: A Daydream from A Bookish Girl’s Diary

Crimson Peak was written by a 15 year old girl who eats lunch alone in the school library. There’s a goth girl inside her, but the goth accoutrements are beyond her reach because her parents won’t allow it and she’s a nice girl who follows the rules.

Sequelphilia: Sharknado 2

. I’ve heard from people who loved the movie and people who hated it. I personally didn’t care for it and I’m pretty sure I may have lost some brain cells. But if Sharknado 2: The Second One is what floats your boat, go ahead and keep watching sequel lovers.

Guardians of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy, go see it. Its so much fun. A movie about very different people coming together for a singular cause. Because if they can’t protect the Galaxy they can sure as hell Av…wait sorry, wrong movie. This movie does give us how to do a team up/origin movie all lumped together without making it tiresome or exposition heavy.

Sequelphilia – Final Destination 2

As far as the overall plot of Final Destination 2 goes, it follows the same premise as the original. It’s all about characters who are trying to cheat Death and keep themselves alive. And almost no matter what they do, they will most likely die one way or another. Personally, I find Final Destination 2 to be kind of slow moving, though it does keep up suspense when you’re about to see a death scene with all of the little shots showing different ways that said deaths might happen. .. As a whole, Final Destination 2 is worth a watch.

Sequelphilia – Scream 2

We’ve all got a favorite horror movie, that one movie you watch anytime it’s on TV… But how many people talk about which sequels they really enjoy? Or even the ones they dislike? “Sequelphilia” is going to do just that. I’ll be looking at different horror movie sequels and seeing what exactly makes them good or bad! [We’ll start with] Scream 2.

Godzilla, A Review

Godzilla, I have been enjoying you since you were a dude in a rubber suit destroying cardboard cities. So when that first teaser trailer came up and I heard that sound I was prepared to throw my money at a theater. So I was ready to enjoy some monster smashing.
I do not regret this decision in the least.

Amazing Spider-Man 2: Not So Amazing

Spider-man, you’re becoming the Transformers of superhero movies. No matter how awesome your swinging around looks, I need more than ooo shiny and comic book references. Adding more villains does not a plot make.

Captain America – The Winter Soldier Review

[With Captain America: The Winter Soldier] We get a spy filled conspiracy movie with superheroes, high tech gadgets, car chases and assassins. It has fun within the Marvel Universe, and in a way we haven’t seen since The Avengers, brings S.H.I.E.L.D. to the forefront.