DC, Marvel, and The Great Reboot

Marvel may be dominating the theaters and drawing in some talent, but they have a bad habit of dropping the ball part way through a series. But, you can rest assured that, no matter what, they’ll take another crack at it in five to ten years. Whether we want them to or not.

Meet Me at The World’s End

Watching the final chapter of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy I can’t say it whet my whistle to actually visit 12 pubs door to door … The World’s End, however, is more about the journey that you can’t really go home again, because you change, and the town changes too. And sometimes the town gets taken over by alien robots that spew blue stuff when you knock their heads off.

The Writhing Truth – “They Will Outlive Us All”

Trapped in their apartment where they think they are safe, but actually more vulnerable, Margot and Daniel try initially just to survive the boredom and the citywide curfew of an impending superstorm. Instead, they get dragged (literally at one point) to face that in the midst of chaos and natural destruction, things have to adapt, and evolve. That doesn’t necessarily mean us humans either.

Giant Robots v. Giant Monsters = Pacific Rim fun

I walked into Pacific Rim hoping to see giant robots fighting giant monsters. Anything else I got was going to be gravy. What I got was a pile of fun with a loosely strung together ‘plot’ and giant robots fighting giant monsters. It’s great fun as a summer blockbuster

Man of Steel, Man of Meh

My problem with Man of Steel? It’s joyless and humorless with no sense of wonder, Tonally, it’s similar to Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight films, but I don’t know that it’s an appropriate treatment for Superman since he’s always been a beacon of hope. To quote the Joker, “Why so serious?”