Brightness in Darkness: Thor, The Dark World (Review)

Yay another Marvel screening, alas there was only a video of Tom Hiddleston introducing this movie with some amusing shenanigans from Joe Quesada. We got an extended trailer for Captain America (mostly that elevator scene) and some other stuff that makes me want to hop into a TARDIS to April 2013.

Now to the movie.


I enjoyed Thor: The Dark World. I liked that some characters had slightly larger roles, though it felt like the Warriors Three and Sif were a bit shunted to a corner. It would have been fun to see more of them, though getting Rene Russo being bad ass was a fun addition. Darcy and Erik on the other hand get larger roles, full of interns, car throwing, shoe stealing, and Stonehenge. And then we had Idris Elba, and really he should be in every movie, because yay Heimdall.


There was a great use of a cameo in the movie. It was fun, and was one of the many things that kept the movie towing the line of serious with bursts of light.  Something that kept going throughout the movie, from ring tones, lunch dates, and car throwing all lightened the movie; nothing is less fun then unrelenting darkness/sadness. I was entertained, and there was no part of the movie that dragged.  I had no idea I had been in a theater for 2 hours, and when one has 3D glasses over their regular glasses that is quite a feat. (One day I will remember to wear contacts to these things).  I would say you could do without the 3D as I forgot it was a thing.  There are scenes that looked good in 3D but not enough to be worth the extra cash.


Also, as even at a Marvel screening it seems people don’t understand this, there are two end credit sequences.  One after the shorter set of credits for the main cast, and then a second scene after all the credits have past. Why this is still a surprise to people I will never know. It’s a Marvel movie guys, STAY IN YOUR SEATS.  I can understand leaving after the first one but before both? That’s just odd. So unless you are sneaking a bathroom break between the two scenes, stay where you are.

Now to Spoilers: no major ones, but spoilers abound.

I accept your surrender.” – They really should have gone with it.

Never in all of fiction have the words “Bury it where no one can ever find it” worked out. EVER. So we had a bit of a voice over prologue by Odin which explains why this terrible thing still exits when the Dark Elves were wiped out 5000 years ago.  “They are all dead.” Nope. Not a chance.  So we get the premise, and Hemidall explaining that once every 5000 years the nine realms align.  Dun Dun Dun.


A quick straightforward explanation of what is going to be happening. I did have a moment of pause at the fact that in 5000 years Asgard hasn’t had any major tech advancements (same weapons in flashback as in present). Though my sister pointed out this mostly makes sense, war was usually the catalyst for advancement, a warrior culture at peace likely would think they were good.  They are defenders of the nine realms, so there isn’t a terribly large bit of motivation at getting stronger.  They are already the strongest. Well….

The Dark Elves motivation? Returning the universe to darkness would work in their favor.  Killing off the rest of the universe? Eh, they aren’t Dark Elves what do they matter. That sounds quite Dalek like there, doctor.


Then we wander to Earth where Jane is trying to date and move on. So of course Darcy shows up pointing out her devices that are to detect, you know rainbow bridges, has gone off. I really enjoyed Jane in this, she Sciences all over the place. Hanging out with healers? Science.  Uses science to save the day. Let’s science all over the place.

Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki, you like stealing the movie out from under Thor don’t you? To a lesser extent then he did in Thor, he just steals every scene he’s in.  From when he drops the illusion in the prison, the talking about/to Frigga, the fight in Svartalfheim, and his very last line. You are a terrible mass murder, and I still want to give you a hug. Maybe with a 10 foot pole; eh, Thor can give you a hug; though he may be stabbed, again.


I had expected Loki to be needed for his magic expertise against the Dark Elves, but that is more the comic reader in me.  But knowing ways out of Asgard other than Bifrost is also a good reason to let him out. I did like that there would be a line of people planning to kill Loki if he betrayed Thor.

The plan to get out of Asgard was so much fun to watch. I don’t usually like that planning, flash forward conceit but it worked for me this; from Loki’s backseat driving to the roles Fandral, Sif, Volstagg, and Hemidall play in the plan.  It was fun watching each step unfold, even if we were as much in the dark as Loki.

The final battle was fun, and I think if Mjolnir had a personality it would have been emitting a deep sigh as Thor and Malekith fell through different realms during the fight and the hammer could not keep up.  Earth, no wait Svartalfheim, now a different part of earth, repeat.

And that final scene with Odin wasn’t really a surprise. Though now my question now is WHERE IS ODIN? WHERE? And Hemidall, were you not paying attention? Did that whole treason thing not work out for you?


Go see Thor: The Dark World. You will enjoy it.

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  1. Thor still surprisingly has something charming about him that not only has you root for him right away, but think of him as somewhat of a cool guy. Good review Marsha.

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