AHS Coven: “The Seven Wonders”

I believe that Ryan Murphy prides himself on ending American Horror Story seasons on a high happy-ending note, as happy as one could be considering the carnage leading up to denouement. Yet he has managed peace, resolution, comeuppances, in the previous two seasons, and I hadn’t considered the same would hold true this time.

AHS Coven: “Go to Hell”

This was a sweeping of an out with the old in with the new variety [with characters meeting] comeuppances, by imploring what the episode promises: they go to Hell.

AHS Coven: “Protect the Coven”

Women’s weakness and vanity seem to be this season’s central themes And while as a woman I understand it, it still angers me. To borrow a line…why isn’t there more solidarity among women? And how do you protect the very thing that has an internal war going on?

AHS Coven “Head”

Head’s didn’t roll this week; they were gouged, suffocated, and had their brains blown out. One also experienced empathy in place of racial intolerance.

AHS Coven: “The Dead” and “The Sacred Taking”

I think my primary issue [with AHS Coven] is that I don’t care enough about these witches. There are flashes of sympathies here and there, but they flash and burn with the eventual AHS twist (gimmick?), and I am having a hard time investing how I’d like to.

AHS Coven “Fearful Pranks Ensue”

There are few things I like more than witches, except for zombies, and Episode 4 had both. Add the Witches Council, a doll obsessed man servant, and Angela Bassett channeling 1970′s Pam Grier, and there was much to love this week.