Finally, A Guide to Convention Etiquette

I’ve attended my fair share of conventions, and have sometimes wondered in bewilderment if certain manners and mannerisms are left at the door once you’re assigned your color bracelet or hand stamp.
I wasn’t the only one pondering this conundrum, as so was Jessica Brawner who this fantastic guidebook: Charisma +1: The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks & the Socially Awkward (Life Stats)

MisSpelled, A Witchy Webseries

MisSpelled features a cast of 5 witches that have no clue what they’re doing! This lack of control tends to get them in pretty hot water. Can the girls save themselves and their families from the dark forces out to get them? They don’t know, but they can Google it.

AHS Coven: “The Seven Wonders”

I believe that Ryan Murphy prides himself on ending American Horror Story seasons on a high happy-ending note, as happy as one could be considering the carnage leading up to denouement. Yet he has managed peace, resolution, comeuppances, in the previous two seasons, and I hadn’t considered the same would hold true this time.

AHS Coven: “Go to Hell”

This was a sweeping of an out with the old in with the new variety [with characters meeting] comeuppances, by imploring what the episode promises: they go to Hell.

AHS Coven: “Protect the Coven”

Women’s weakness and vanity seem to be this season’s central themes And while as a woman I understand it, it still angers me. To borrow a line…why isn’t there more solidarity among women? And how do you protect the very thing that has an internal war going on?

AHS Coven “Head”

Head’s didn’t roll this week; they were gouged, suffocated, and had their brains blown out. One also experienced empathy in place of racial intolerance.

AHS Coven: “The Dead” and “The Sacred Taking”

I think my primary issue [with AHS Coven] is that I don’t care enough about these witches. There are flashes of sympathies here and there, but they flash and burn with the eventual AHS twist (gimmick?), and I am having a hard time investing how I’d like to.