Five Reasons Why Dork Boyfriends are the Best

I’ve had the privilege of developing new relationships over the past year and one in particular has been especially delightful and is the focus of this treatise. You see, he is a big dork, and I mean that in the most admirable of ways.

Arrow vs. Flash: The Crossover

Tonight, I was amazed at how the pieces were carefully placed together to give fans a tantalizing experience stopping just short of being fulfilling, not unlike putting together a 1000 piece puzzle to realize about 100 pieces are missing. It’s just enough to make you think you know what’s going on.

Arrow: Sara

The heaviness associated with last week’s episode certainly stayed with us as we witnessed the aftershocks of Sara’s demise. For an episode titled after her, we certainly see very little of her, or do we? Her ghost was everywhere, affecting everyone and drifting throughout the show like mist rising from a stream, softening silhouettes and creating shadows in the relationships of the other characters.

Arrow: The Calm

In a world full of mediocrity and inconsistency, it’s nice to know there are some things a person can count on. My DVR apparently isn’t one of them. I anticipated this season’s premier with great delight. Unfortunately, I had errands to run on Wednesday evening but never fear, the trusty DVR was here! Right? When I came home and realized my ancient recording mechanism had failed to engage, contrary to its programmed instructions, I couldn’t keep myself from saying, “DVR, you have failed this Arrow fan!” So, for what was a tortuous 24 hours while I waited for CW to post the episode, I paced. And stress-ate.

Arrow: Unthinkable

Not to be outdone by any stunt team in the history of television, this show’s team outdid themselves in every fight scene created. Case in point: the Arrow version of West Side Story. Seeing the line of Team Arrow and Friends advancing on Slade’s army brought metaphorical tears to my eyes and I half expected them to break out in song. Which song was the real question as Staying Alive was the tune in my head at the time. I know, I have a problem with disco. Go ahead, I dare you to rewatch that scene and not hum the tune.

Arrow: Seeing Red

My name is Amy, and I have a problem. I have become a nervous biter, thanks to Arrow. It’s the pressure, I just can’t take it. I think I will start my own rating system. One damaged finger means good, but I wouldn’t watch it again. Two damaged fingers means it was a good time, three means it was so good I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, and four, well, grab the Band-Aids. Tonight was a four.

Arrow: Suicide Squad

Question: what’s better than a tech-geek blond, a dude in a green hoodie, a chick in black leather and a black driver with huge biceps? Give up? The answer is a suicide squad!

Arrow: Tremors

With a salmon-ladder monologue, the return of Bronze Tiger, and a burgeoning Roy superhero, what’s not to like about this week’s Arrow?

Supernatural: Road Trip

What bothers both of us the most is this really weird move in making the boys some kind of modern Brokeback Mountain. The allusion to a different type of relationship in the earlier episodes was funny, but at this point the dialogue has gone completely soft that it has reached the point where I am not comfortable watching Sam and Dean in these scenes together; it’s just awkward.