Arrow: Tremors

With a salmon-ladder monologue, the return of Bronze Tiger, and a burgeoning Roy superhero, what’s not to like about this week’s Arrow?

Supernatural: Road Trip

What bothers both of us the most is this really weird move in making the boys some kind of modern Brokeback Mountain. The allusion to a different type of relationship in the earlier episodes was funny, but at this point the dialogue has gone completely soft that it has reached the point where I am not comfortable watching Sam and Dean in these scenes together; it’s just awkward.

Supernatural: Holy Terror

Castiel was a gift. I love watching him try to be big and all, like a kid playing a grown-up. His attempt at being an “agent” was adorable and I am getting really sick of Dean being a tool and shoving him off.

Arrow: State vs. Queen

If Oliver is never going to kiss Felicity, I am ready to move on. I need to live vicariously through this chick, so quit stringing me along! Arhg, well, maybe the good doctor Barry can stimulate Oliver to action soon. Let’s hope.

Supernatural: Bad Boys

As this week’s episode opened I was not encouraged to see Adam Glass’s name listed as the writer for the week. In the past, I have not been a big fan of his, especially after the crapfest that was “As Time Goes By”. This week I found a few practical inconsistencies that could have been remedied with a little effort.

Arrow: League of Assassins

Three completely sweet, action-packed scenes paraded through the show like Victoria’s Secret models strutting down the runway: confident, daring, and demanding your undivided attention. From spectacular swings to dramatic escapes, each outperformed the previous until the culminating scene in the clock tower left us wanting more.

Supernatural: Dog Dean Afternoon

“Dog Dean Afternoon” epitomized what I love best about this show, besides hot guys. I am a comedy lover at heart, I guess because my psyche tends towards the serious. As such I feel the need for lighter moments in my entertainment, so, stories such as we had this week appeal to me. That, combined with our boys on the road, in the car, and hanging in a motel room, is what it’s all about.

Arrow: Crucible

I always think things can’t get any better and then they do. Then I also think, “I am going to avoid the giant bowl of popcorn this time.” And then I don’t and last time, I even ate two bowls. I may eat my fingers this week as Stephen is really pumping up the hype about this week’s episode, and seriously, with a title like “League of Assassins” how can you go wrong?

Supernatural: Slumber Party

I am kind of done with the Felicia Day thing. She was great in the season 7 ender, and also good in the LARPing ep, but beyond that, I wouldn’t say her character does overmuch for the show. Now that doesn’t mean I am against a recurring female character. I miss Jo and Ellen, even Ruby and Bela. But all of those female characters had been developed enough that even if we hated them, we empathized with them. We felt something. With Charlie, I just keep counting the number of times she does the head cocked to the side twinkly eye maneuver.