Just Your Average Anime Character

I’ve spent spent a few blissful hours watching some ome of my favorite anime shows and movies to prepare for a panel I’m giving. As a result, I have updated my list of the most re-occurring anime character types, including The Pervert, The Lush, and The Quiet Creepy Kid.

How Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Burned My Biscuits

Why the hell don’t I get to be a space samurai? Or a Blade ripoff? Tekken couldn’t make the costume generic, non gender specific? I’m even further insulted by the comment, ‘you may want to share this code with a friend who has a male avatar.’

Interview with Jon Roscetti: Illustrator and Storyboard Artist

If you’ve heard of a little show named The Venture Brothers- then you’ve seen the storyboard work of Jon Roscetti. As one of the storyboard artists that bring Brock and the gang to life, it’s his job to literally sketch out the Venture universe. He’s also involved in a number of groovy side projects as well.

Theater: Advance Man

This past Sunday, with the company of a very understanding cohort I had the opportunity to engage in some live sci-fi via Gideon Productions Advance Man, the first part of Mac Rodgers’ HoneyComb Trilogy.

It’s Time To Get Things Started

The Muppets is an amazing attempt to bring the gang to the year 2011- so kids of another generation can associate the characters with the same love as folks my age. The film does just that, but it definitely calls out to the people who grew up with them in the first place.

Why I’m A Fan

Being a fan means your favorite characters become like friends and family, we become attached and they become a part of us. Being a fan produces an automatic feeling of excitement; a rush that feels like you ate an entire pint of ice cream as fast as you could and did a hand stand right after. You feel full, happy and dizzy at the same time. You feel like Lil’ You again. Meeting Robin Williams outside of Bengal Tiger, even for a few brief moments, made Lil’ Me and I meet for the first time in a very long time.

Hope of The Gods, Or Who Gives a Nordic Heck About Thor?

Frankly- even though I have the cups from 7/11- I don’t. When Iron Man came out I was all about it. Iron Man was always one of my favorite Marvel characters. The blend between asshole and super-scientist that is Tony Stark just clicked for me. Even though it is a bit formulaic and similar to […]