Future Vintage: How The Unitard Became an Icon of Science Fiction

The leotard. The catsuit. A suspiciously snug boiler suit. These all can be identified under the umbrella term of Unitard. While tight-fitting clothes have been found clinging to women since the dawn of science fiction, developments in technology meant they became tighter and even more common from the 1960s onwards, with outfits emerging on screen that had previously been but impossible adolescent dreams in comic books beforehand.

Celebrate Love Through Commerce

Here are some cards and stuff for your loved one. So what if it’ll get there late? Some of the following options are printable instant downloads, so you can still have something for Friday if you’re into stuff like punctuality. Also, Manu Bennett on a horse.

Apocalypse Closet: Spring 2014 Couture Part 2

Environmental toxicity is officially a thing, now that it’s found its way into haute couture. The masks at Maison Martin were not the only ones I saw. I’m expecting full on gas masks for Spring 2015. Also, Spring 2015? WHY DOES THE FUTURE SUCK SO MUCH?

Apocalypse Closet: Spring 2014 Couture Part 1

Retro futurism is totally thing in this season’s couture and in almost every collection, there was at least one look for an all-powerful Overlord of The Universe. Let’s peruse the overlord looks and imagine the universe they’re overlording…..over.

Apocalypse Closet: Fall 2014 Menswear

Nothing makes sense anymore. I have no idea what’s going on with the menswear collections for Fall 2014, so I’m just going to show you some pictures and shout my first impressions in all caps.