Arrow: Tremors

With a salmon-ladder monologue, the return of Bronze Tiger, and a burgeoning Roy superhero, what’s not to like about this week’s Arrow?

Instead of identifying things not to like, why don’t we continue the theme of what we do like, or at least I will. First of all, I was intrigued by the thought of Moira running for mayor. A former accused mass murderer and city-flattening conspirator didn’t really seem like a good choice initially. Then I realized she isn’t too different from today’s political candidates. Geez, Rep. Michael Grimm (no relation to actual Grimm, Nick Burkhardt) threatened a reporter on television. So I say, why not! One has to think that political pickin’s must be slim in Starling City, though.

Secondly, I rather enjoyed watching out-of-control Laurel, in a morbid train-wreck sort of way. As her downward spiral approaches basement level she continues to look more like a real-life addict. Cassidy’s slim down is certainly having an effect. The new Laurel looks leaner to the point of “no food, just give me a fix”. It has been interesting to see the character go from the annoying likeable girl next door to someone we can actively dislike. It means that her reincarnation will be much more interesting. I eagerly await this as I am sure the Arrow gods have a plan in mind.

The moment I enjoyed most and which had me fist-pumping like a moron was Arrow’s revelation to Roy. When Oliver removed his hood I thought, “Whoa! What’s going to happen next?!” But the scene full of manly bonding where Roy thanked Oliver for saving his life nearly made me cry. Well, okay, not really, but I became real excited when they shook hands.

As I have stated before, my favorite aspect of this show, however, is its ability to constantly catch me off guard. Here I am, fresh from the bromance, feeling all warm and cuddly when Amanda freakin’ Waller walks into the jail to recruit for her brute squad. I know, it’s Suicide Squad and now we can see it’s development from the beginning. I wonder how many characters will become card-carrying members?

Finally, it was not surprising to see Sara back in town now that Laurel is in serious trouble. I think the Black Canary persona is amazing and with previews of next week teasing us mercilessly with images of Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter (and an interesting plot switch), I keep hearing the double meaning in Oliver’s words, “We’re just getting started.”

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  1. I don’t know what Katie Cassidy is doing to herself, but she really looks like hell – it’s been noticeable since the season 2 premiere and has been more pronounced since. I hope that’s just make up and lighting.

    That said, I’m kinda enjoying watching Laurel lose everything. Not because I hate her – far from it. This obviously what she needs to go through in order to become the Real Black Canary.

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