Arrow: Suicide Squad

Question:  what’s better than a tech-geek blonde, a dude in a green hoodie, a chick in black leather and a black driver with huge biceps? Give up? The answer is a suicide squad!


After what has been a number of stellar episodes, I found this week’s episode just as engaging. I love that this show takes the time to give supporting characters their own stories and motivations. We have in the past few weeks witnessed Sarah’s past come back to haunt her, Slade’s agenda take shape, and Felicity’s efforts to find relevance to the team while standing in Sarah’s shadow. This week, we got more Diggle. I need more Diggle. More Diggle is Diggleawesome.

While Oliver coped with the return of Slade and all that his return implied, Diggle found himself wrapped up with Amanda freakin’ Waller again (from henceforth that shall be my name for her because every time she appears in a scene, I end up saying, “That Amanda freakin’ Waller!”). After an emergency bootie call, Lyla and Digg became embroiled in Amanda’s newest scheme, a brute squad composed entirely of miscreants and psychos. But it was okay, they were all on leashes. Hi-tech chips designed to vaporize became the incentive for good behavior from this stellar crew. Although it didn’t stop the good doctor (Shrapnel, he will always be Simon Tam to me) from attempting an escape.

As Diggle dove deeper into the drama (sorry, I couldn’t resist) he had difficulty reconciling his love for Lyla with her willingness to participate in the program. What kind of person uses criminals to conduct espionage then blows them up when finished? Heck, even Deadshot became redeemable in Diggle’s eyes, and that’s saying something. Regardless, it appears we will enjoy many more scenes with Digglyla…Lyggle…(I give up) as they both decided they couldn’t live without each other. Works for me! And I am sure, we will be seeing more of Amanda freakin’ Waller, especially since it appears Oliver has asked her for help in finding Slade aka Deathstroke.

What’s that you say? It can’t get any more dork-fabulous than all this action? Well sir or madam, you are wrong. Next week:  hot chicks in black leather trying to kick each other’s butt. Every man on the planet will be watching.

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