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Apocalypse Closet: Fall 2014 RTW Paris

In the Project Runway season whatever finale, Zac Posen got into a tiff with Nina Garcia and he uttered the phrase “chic banal” to describe her taste. Nina’s head just about rocketed off her neck with force of her pursed-lipped rage.

I laughed out loud to see it (as I do any time Nina loses an argument), but  I got an apt phrase out of it which perfectly describes the well-tailored, blandly pretty looks that dominate most runways. Chic banal.

That said, it was chic banal all over Paris. It was quite a lot like New York Fashion Week: lots of chic banal with a few bursts of WTF?

So, let’s get going!

Oh, Comme des Garcons…WHY CAN’T I QUIT YOU? You’re so weird and impractical and I can’t stop looking. The entire collection looks like my  laundry coming out of the washer: tights and skinny corduroys and sweater sleeves all knotted into one beast. This collection is so out there and I love it.

comme des garcons fall rtw 2 comme des garcons fall 2014 rtw comme des garcons fall 2014 rtw 3

Comme des Garcons

Gareth Pugh is my new Rick Owens. Rick Owens used to constantly impress me with his avant-garde, post-apocalyptic looks, but then his shows became about the spectacle rather than the fashion and everything suffered. It came to a head in the Spring 2014 show when he hired step teams to model. I liked the idea behind the gimmick, but felt like it was a diversionary technique to hide how little was going on with the clothes.

Anyway, Gareth Pugh used plastic sheeting and other industrial construction materials for his Fall 2014 collection:

gareth pugh fall 2014 rtw gareth pugh fall 2014 rtw 3 gareth pugh fall 2014 rtw 2

Gareth Pugh 

Vivienne Westwood never disappoints. She’s the Grande Dame of Bat$h!t.

vivienne westwood fall 2014 rtw vivienne westwood fall 2014 rtw 2 vivienne westwood fall 2014 3

Vivienne Westwood

I need all three of these coats now:

tsumori chisato fall 2014 rtw yohji yamamoto fall 2014 rtw 2 yohji yamamoto fall 2014 rtw

Tsumori Chisato, Yohji Yamamoto  

There were several fun, structured dresses that gave me hope for the future of my wardrobe:

balmain fall 2014 rtw iris van herpen fall 2014 rtw balenciaga fall 2014 rtw

Balmain, Iris Van Herpen, Balenciaga

And a couple items that fell somewhere between apocalyptic and evil elf:

rick owens fall 2014 rtw alexander mcqueen fall 2014 rtw paris

Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen

And a pinata dress. Unlike the last couture collection, there wasn’t much of interest going on at Chanel, except for sneaker-boots with everything.

chanel fall 2014 rtw chanel sneaker


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