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Apocalypse Closet: Fall 2014 RTW London

I always imagine London as having it far more together than we ever do in the United States. The whole UK just seems so civilized. So, I’m always surprised to hear my friend, Jess, tell stories about Britons who are just as racist and misogynist as many Americans.

I blame costume dramas. For my perceptions. Not for racism and misogyny.

At least London’s Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear collections appeared to be designed by people who are sharing the experience of watching our world go to seed. There were similar motifs throughout several collections.

My new favorite thing: sweater gowns. It’s all the glamour of a gown, with all the warmth and comfort of a sweater!

daks fall 2014 london mark fast fall 2014 london

Daks, Mark Fast

We will be attacked by folds and flaps of fabric:

ashish fall 2014 london christopher kane fall 2014 london
emilio de la morena fall 2014 london john rocha fall 2014 london

Clockwise from top left: Ashish, Christopher Kane, John Rocha, Emilio de la Morena

Bleak, gray futurism is a full-on trend: 

tom ford fall 2014 london jw anderson fall 2014 london
david koma fall 2014 london jean pierre braganza fall 2014 london

Clockwise from top left: Tom Ford, JW Anderson, Jean Pierre Braganza, David Koma

This look is supposed to somehow be inspired by America’s pioneer days…… but it just looks like Darth Vader glowing blue plastic wrap:

toga fall 2014 londonToga

Annnnnd here’s Darth Vader on a gown. SICK OF THIS TREND ALREADY:

preen fall 2014 londonPreen

Creepy, crawly gown of death! I love this!:

giles fall 2015 londoGiles

Yes, I have to have the gold striped pants suit with the metal donut collar:

ktz fall 2014 londonKTZ

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