AHS Coven: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

Personally, I think this episode should have been called “Let’s Start Murdering Everyone”.

I’m not one for stunt casting, though I will concede to some cameos done with fun and respect for the story and the audience without it feeling forced (Bill Murray in Zombieland immediately comes to mind). In this case, it was stunt, and while I’m a fan of Stevie (though nowhere near like Misty or my friend Bonnie), her purpose felt empty in the whole of the episode and as a blip in the season. I like to think AHS is better than that.


Except…I’m not entirely sure WHAT to think anymore. Everyone seems to be getting bitchier and angrier and more entitled. Misty’s the next Supreme; no, Madison wants to be. Then, Nan throws her hat in the ring. Zoe doesn’t say anything about it, but I know deep down she wants to be it, but she won’t make a fuss as the competition is fierce.

At first, Fiona decides she will sweeten the Supreme pot, and that is the reason for “White Witch” Stevie to grace the Academy with her presence. All well and good, but I could have done without the song serenade. Later, Madison tries cozying up to Misty, but she’s not good at it, and we all can see through her ruse, trying hard to manipulate her. While I don’t think Misty is stupid, I do think she’s naïve, and I’m counting the seconds for Madison’s plan to really play, beyond what (I think) is a hoax of resurgence. It comes in the form of a brick to the head, and Misty’s unconscious body in a coffin ready for burial.

American Horror Story Coven January 8 Misty Day

Madison in full bitch force I take it to mean she is completely healed from her death, and, as it happens, her heart murmur, but her brattiness is grating. We get it, she’s a bitch, and I even get that she’s wounded and lashed out like a cornered cat. I’m just growing tired of it.

Hank’s truth comes around and Cordelia takes the literal backlash when Fiona smacks her hard about letting him infest their home, their lives. Fiona’s anger is far reaching, her venom spewing, and how wonderful Jessica Lange is as an actress that it isn’t just anger but pain and disappointment coloring her cadence and expression; her own failure as a mother represented by her daughter’s naiveté. That the episode begins with Fiona’s sympathy to Laveau makes this pointedly harder to bear. When we later learn that she is willing to murder her daughter for a chance at immortality, I agree with Papa Legba – she has no soul.


Who is Papa Legba? Well, he’s the Voodoo conduit and the reason why Laveau looks so flawless 300 years on – she sold her soul, and she needs to pay him in kind every year with an innocent soul – the first being that of her own newborn daughter. She steals another baby but it turns out Fiona has a better idea on which soul to sacrifice…

There is a part of me that wanted Nan to be the Supreme, but she went dark quick, the news of Luke’s death and the confrontation of Joan and the murder of her son driving her to the brink. Joan cremated his body and literally killed any chance of resurrection for him (not that I think she would have known that). But Nan knows that, and with Nan honing the new power of mind control, her grief and anger play out to murder by “cleansing” (aka, the ingestion of bleach). While I don’t mourn Joan and her self-righteous ways, it feels like all our witches are becoming stronger with so much hatred and anger, pettiness and selfishness.

As a witch you learn first and foremost the rule of three and Wiccan Rede; basically, you must harm none, and what you put out in the universe will come back to you threefold. The way these witches are banding about their powers and their entitlements, most of them are going to suffer far worse than Fiona’s cancer and Cordelia’s blindness. Fiona’s decided to just “kill them all”; she’s bound to get the next Supreme by not being discriminant. She starts with Nan, so manages to spare the innocent kidnapped baby, but kills a fellow witch. She’s mostly innocent, after all. And the gleeful teaming of Fiona and Leveau working in tandem, well, I echo the sentiment: “Big Trouble”.


And, just to make sure I’ve covered everything:
• Cordelia feels worthless, no powers, no instincts, no purpose
• Myrtle, seriously, is a scary version of Sybil Trelawney
• Cordelia susses out who Hank’s father was and they work their magic to hit him where it affects most – his wallet. The war is coming to their turf.
• Stevie closes out the episode, singing


Yes, I suppose the title is appropriate, as the few genuine delightful moments in the episode came with her presence.

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  1. I have to disagree with you on the Stevie Nicks front. I loved her showing up as herself and giving Misty a twirling lesson – been keeping my fingers crossed for that since Misty first played “Rhiannon” in her swamp shack. But, I also find her appearance on the show to be powerful because back in the day her image as The White Witch wasn’t embraced and from what I’ve read, it got very scary for her.

    I also just love Stevie Nicks.

    I was hoping AHS: Coven wouldn’t devolve into a generational battle, but I suppose it was inevitable. The older generation never wants to let the young take the reins and will do anything to retain power and a youthful visage. And that’s what’s so disappointing: the witches should be united against Delphi for the benefit of all, but they’re fighting amongst themselves for petty reasons.

    Meanwhile, Delphi is probably funding trans-vaginal ultrasound legislation around the country.

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