AHS Coven: “Protect the Coven”

Just thinking about this week’s title it seemed like the opposite of what this season has been doing. Coven has relied heavily on the preservation of Youth At All Costs, and, in especially in episodes of late, destroying those with the actual Youth. To borrow from Delphine, women’s weakness and vanity seem to be  this season’s central themes And while as a woman I understand it, it still angers me. To borrow a line from this short film, why isn’t there more solidarity among women? And how do you protect the very thing that has an internal war going on?


Oh sadistic, curious and gullible Delphine. She’s been reassembled by Queenie (who is- yay! still alive, having spit up the silver bullet that Hank gutted her with). She is back to being the maid, but we learn a little more about her “scientific” mind, her fascinations with dissection, as a child with animals, as an adult with human bodies. Her voiceover explaining this culminates in who she is relaying the story to: a helpless new servant whom next we meet literally is turned inside out.


I’m bothered by the inherent prejudice in her “scientific studies”. Her inquisition is reserved for a specific race and the only thing that gets under my skin more is the obliviousness in this house of witches. Delphine is off carving a man to pieces in Spaulding’s doll attic where his ghost has been hiding all along. His prodding convinces Delphine that “By magic she can be undone,” meaning Laveau, and I laugh so hard when he gives her a box of Bendryl to render Lavaeu mortal. And yet, for a moment I wonder if it might actually work, or work to another end than Lavaeu’s death. It is a ruse, but knocking her unconscious helps, and we’re left to wonder where she’ll be hidden (next to Misty, perhaps?)

I enjoy the slow roll of the negotiations between the witches and hunters. Delphi is willing to pay to get the spell broken, kowtowing to throwing money at the problem until they can get strong enough again to fight the witches at full strength, and offering a hundred years’ truce. When the waiter sets down Fiona’s drink and caresses her arm I confirm that it’s the Axman, and there are fleeting glimpses of him locking the room, removing his jacket and unlocking his sax (ax) case. After the majority of the slayage happens, there is some fun banter between Delphi, Fiona and Lavaeu, where they welcome the pending war, and his demise is swung by Fiona herself.


Cordelia si desperate to resume her second sight powers, starting with potions but those just aren’t doing it, so she stabs herself in her new eyes. Trelawn- I mean Myrtle thinks it was a heroic act, to protect the Coven she holds so dear. I agree with a friend, it’s self serving, a woe-is-me I’m powerless type of vanity. I love Cordelia and Sarah Paulson who shows layers upon layers in just minute details in closeup, and I do believe there is purity in her act, but it goes back to those themes of weakness, vanity and powerlessness that seem to really drive the people in this coven.


Meanwhile Myrtle, who sees more than the writing on the wall, gifts Zoe with tickets and the blessing to escape with Kyle, to lead some kind of normal life, fulfill her great love story. After some hesitations, they do escape, smiling at the end on a bus to Orlando.


Two other tidbits:

– Queenie still thinks she’s the next Supreme, since she coughed up her bullet. Madison, of course, thinks the same for herself, and Nan died believing it too. Only Zoe seems to have given up the idea, though she also seems the one with the purest of intentions. And then I remember she stabbed Spaulding. *sign*. I’m wondering if they are all pieces of the Supreme and can only work together. Boy, would that force unity!

– Spaudling is now the kidnapped baby’s babysitter. I thought Laveau was going to give the kid back, but I guess he’s a Coven baby now, which circles back to the madness in Season One’s Murder House.




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