AHS Coven “Head”

Head’s didn’t roll this week; they were gouged, suffocated, and had their brains blown out. One also experienced empathy in place of racial intolerance.


We learn Hank’s back story as a art of a “sacred order” of witchhunters, but as soon as I see he has so much story centered around him I am convinced it’s his last episode (and SPOILER I’m not wrong).

After the opening sequence we see Fiona appealing to Laveau for an alliance that comes to fruition by episode’s end. Hank went off book by working for the Voodoo Queen, and even moreso by falling for Cordelia, and it’s that love that drives him to massacre the Laveau hair salon, until Queenie pulls her voodoo doll magic and shoots herself in the head, thus the head blown out.

The gouged one(s) are the remaining members of the council, whom Myrtle relieves of their eyes (with a melon baller, a sadistic nice touch) before dismembering them. Her resurgence has made her crazy one, but in her head she’s doing it for Cordelia, to restore her sight. The magic works, but at the cost of the second sight she had gained.


As for the suffocated one, it begins with Luke in a coma, and Righteous Joan lording over him while Zoe and Madison back up Nan’s right to see him. Her clairvoyance bridges a gap of communication between mother and son (and allowing for an opportunity for Ms. Lupone to sing, albeit with a crackling voice of emotion), but Luke learns the terrible truth – that his mother killed his father before he could leave her. This knowledge, the Luke confirms upon awakening, is met with a pillow over his face.


Fiona gets a female ¬†guard dog, as she explains to Hank that “females are more loyal and aggressive when it comes to protecting their family.” Unfortunately, she also finds Kyle who (accidentally?) kills the dog, and whom Fiona subsequently cures enough so he can speak more coherently but also act as the Academy’s guard “dog”. His murderous nature, nurtured by his incestuous mother and being franken-assembled seems to finally fit him into the Coven puzzle best.

While I’m confident Hank is dead and gone (the image of his father mourning him seemed to seal that deal), I hope that Queenie’s (real) gunshot wound and voodoo head wound will still allow her survival. (On this show it can really go either way; hell, even Messiah Misty could probably pick up Hank’s brain detail and revive him too). I admire her want to educate Delphine, forcing her to at least listen to the calls of freedom, which did touch her proverbial heart, since her physical one is standing in a cage in the basement.

I’m bummed that Cordelia lost her second sight, though I found it amusing that the reason she gained it was because of the Witchhunters Council. They ordered the blinding to ensure her dependence to Hank, but it gave her the (in)sight to finally kick him out of the inner sanctum and probably sealed his fate.

We’re on winter hiatus til January, so we won’t know how the Voodoo/Witch Alliance will gel til then. I’m giddy about the two uber-strong Supremes in their own rights go head to head in solidarity instead of war.



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