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Once Upon A Time: Witch Hunt

I love it when Jane Espenson writes things.

The team was clearly bringing their A-game to this episode. Once Upon A Time was back to its over the top, scene chewing form this week and it could have gone into Syfy Original Movie territory so easily. But, everyone sold it.

It helps that Show is developing a tongue-in-cheek awareness of itself. Storybrooke’s residents know that their shenanigans sound massively ridiculous, as evidenced by my favorite exchange of the night:

“Wicked Witch? She’s real, too?”

“Said the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.”

Sure, it sounds completely absurd, but at the end of the day, your friends and loved ones are being turned into flying monkeys and it doesn’t matter how weird it sounds. You just have to lift this curse and be prepared for the next one while stopping the spread of the flying monkey zombie virus thingy.

Other OUAT Thoughts:

  • Rebecca Mader is hamming it the hell up as the Wicked Witch, but with Show, you have to. If you’re not hamming it the hell up, you’re furniture.
  • I am so looking forward to a Bitch-Off between The Evil Queen and The Wicked Witch of The West.
  • I love Regina most when she has someone to destroy.
  • Henry has had a nice sea change. It’s so odd to see him as the skeptic, yet so in keeping with pre-teendom or his thirties or however old he is, now.
  • This was one of those episodes where I was struck again by how adept Show is at rebooting itself and putting it’s characters in new situations that continue to be familiar.
  • OF COURSE Rumpy is in a basement cage! WHERE ELSE WOULD HE BE?
  • Rumpy seems to be more bat$h!t than usual. I hope there’s a Rumpy Rampage!

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